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The Law Offices of Robert E. Brown, P.C.

Fraud: Represented a buyer of real estate who sued builders for breach of contract, fraud and deceptive trade practices. Jury awarded actual damages, punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

Real Estate Partnership: Represented a partner suing a partner pursuant to an oral agreement relating to waterfront property in Florida. Jury awarded our client actual damages.

Ponzi Scheme: Represented investor in obtaining a judgment against person running a Ponzi Scheme.

ATM Business: Represented clients against dissident partner.

Interior Decorator: Represented client sued for breach of contract by interior decorator.

Recruiter: Represented client sued for breach of contract by staff recruiter.

Partition Action: Defended a partition action.

Promissory Note: We represented an individual who brought an action for non-payment pursuant to a promissory note.

Escrow Downpayment: We represented an individual who brought an action to recover a significant sum which was held in escrow for breach of an agreement reached at the closing table of a large residential real estate transaction.

Defamation: represented parents suing former employer for making false allegation to Administration for Children’s Services.

Legal Malpractice: Represented both plaintiffs and defendant attorneys in legal malpractice claims.

FLSA Overtime Action: Defended class action in Federal Court.

Contractors: We have represented owners, general contractors and sub-contractors in numerous actions.

Trademark Counterfeiting: we have represented numerous individuals accused of purchasing counterfeit goods and reselling them.

Licensing Agreements: We have represented parties accused of breaching licensing agreements.

Brand Protection: We work with investigators to protect brands. We offer a wide variety of brand management services.

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