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“Robert treated us with kid gloves, walked us through what we were up again. We were treated with respect and very honest. We are so happy that we hired Robert and his team. Robert and his team will be highly recommended.”Anthony M.

“Quality service & Great communication. I would have no hesitation in recommending RBL.”Aaran M.

“Absolutely. Always treated with respect and professionalism. Highly recommend!”Edward S.

“Treated us with great respect and had a very favorable outcome! Highly recommend.”Christine D.

“Mr. Robert Brown is an excellent, knowledgeable and readily available attorney. We would highly recommend him to others.”John G.

“It all went very well & we would use him again. We would recommend him to others, we had a very good experience.”Adrienne P.

“Mr. Brown treated me very professionally, and with the utmost respect. His team ensured that I was consistently updated throughout the process, and I definitely made the right decision hiring RB Law. My experience with Mr. Brown and his associates was incredible. Throughout the entire process, I was well-informed of each step being taken by Mr. Brown to better my situation. Mr. Brown and his team were very welcoming to questions and concerns and made me comfortable from start to finish. I am forever grateful for my experience with RB law, and I definitely made the right decision going to Mr. Brown.”Joseph C.

“I couldn’t have gotten through my foreclosure case without the guidance of Robert Brown. I and my family cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us. I would recommend Robert Brown Law to everyone. Robert is single-handedly the most amazing and compassionate lawyer, no one comes close or can compare.”Chre S.

“Treated like family, I hope I’m never in the position again but if so, Robert Brown is who I’m calling! He was dedicated to my file, always available never pushed me off to an assistant.”Anthony P.

“Very attentive and informative. Great law firm. Very responsive and knowledgeable!”Benjamin P.

“Yes I made the correct decision and would recommend highly to whoever needed help. A fantastic attorney that answers all questions and puts you at ease. You can’t go wrong.”John P.

“Treated me with the utmost respect, consistent strategies and transparency! Well-structured firm. Very comfortable, easy process and confident for positive results. Knows it’s niche areas very well.”Gerard G.

“Excellent yes made the right decision. Would highly recommend.”Kenny P.

“It was a good decision to choose Robert Brown as our representation. He was very professional and knowledgeable, kept we informed every step of process. We had great outcome. Great service.”Michael B.

“Robert was great professional and kept me up to date every step of the way. Robert is A+ and cares about the client.”Keith P.

“They are very professional and kind. I highly recommend to hire them. Best attorney I met ever.”Donny C.

“We retained Robert after going through years of problems regarding our mortgage. He was extremely attentive, hard working and generous with his time while he fought on our behalf to keep our home. His office staff are patient, helpful and courteous and were a wonderful asset. Our case was settled in our favor and my husband and I couldn’t be more relieved, grateful and appreciative.”Tiffany

“Robert, represented me during a Federal Investigation in which I was a witness, during his initial consultation with me it became immediately apparent to me that his calm and reassuring demeanor along with his expertise with the subject matter was exactly what I needed. Robert, skillfully prepared me and guided me through a two (2) hour interview with Federal prosecutors and investigators. Though I only met personally with Robert on two occasions, he always made himself available for me by phone or email during the 2+ year investigation. Not only do I consider Robert a “Premier Attorney”, more importantly I consider him a “Friend”.”Drew

“Mr Brown did an amazing job defending my son every time we went to court he explained everything to us he was very thorough and professional thank you Robert”George

“It was my fault getting into an altercation with a psychotic, lying, dangerous driver to begin with. I was arrested for defending myself. I chose Robert Brown (through Avvo) as my attorney and am so glad I did. He understood the situation, negotiated my case sharply and had the matter expunged. The outcome could not have been better for me in an unfortunate incident. I would recommend Robert Brown as a lawyer who knows the ropes and represents his clients with strength and integrity.”Gary

“I had the unfortunate event of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and got arrested for 3 charges which also included an “A Felony”. Not knowing what to do I turned to a friend who recommended Robert Brown. I didn’t even look for other lawyers as I trusted my friend and decide to go forward with Mr. Brown.

Initially the DA was trying for 5 years in jail. As soon as Brown took the case it was dropped down to 1 year in jail with 5 years probation. We were still not happy as the facts on the case were not clear.

Once Brown got everything straighten out the case was to get transferred to another jurisdiction in NY.

Before it officially got transferred Mr. Brown spoke with the DA who took the case and explained the situation. The DA agreed with him with the facts of the case and took consideration and offered 1 felony plea with no jail time. We still declined.

After several times going to court it was apparent that the DA did not have enough evidence for indictment and had to drop all charges related to my arrest.

This case could of gone wrong in so many different ways as many things were not clear. Mr. Brown knew exactly how to handle the case as the time went by.

Result: All charges dismissed.

Thoughts on Mr. Brown…

At all times he was honest with me and gave me realistic outcomes on the case. Never promised I was going to get all charges dropped as there was a lot of information that wasn’t clear.

He was very professional and made me feel comfortable with the fact that he had everything under control.

God forbid I get myself in a jam like this again but If I ever did again I would pick Robert Brown in a heartbeat and would look nowhere else.

Thank you Mr Brown for saving my life and allowing me to have a future without a felony record.”Eric

“He was responsive and went out of his way to help me out even a few years after my case to get my court records.”A Satisfied Client

“We were hesitant on using a local law firm for our situation but so happy we did. They are fighters and extremely knowledgeable. Best decision for sure.”Lisa

“Mr. Brown is a professional, competent and diligent attorney. He is well versed in the law and extremely resourceful. He undertook a case for us and was victorious in the outcome. He is always available to answer any questions in a straightforward, honest approach that is understandable in laymen terms. We highly recommend Mr. Brown without any reservations.”Anthony

“We hired Robert E. Brown when our teenage son got himself into a little bit of trouble with the law. Of coarse, our fear was how this was going to affect his future. Knowing that Robert was familiar with the courts in all Boroughs, as well as his knowledge of the law from all angles, we were confident, he would be best capable to handle our sons case, and we were “spot on.” Robert returned my call within a couple of hours after leaving a message, kept in touch, and always had time to answer our questions. We could not be any happier with Robert’s handling of this case. He was professional, curtious, empathic, patient and understanding. I would recommend Robert to anyone, anytime, for any matter requiring legal representation.”Tricia

“I brought my case to 5 other lawyers before i found Robert. I knew, almost immediately after i initially sat down to talk with him, that i wanted him to represent me. He was very thorough yet took the time to make sure that i understood everything about my situation. He came off to me as a real person and someone who would take pride in his representation of me. He helped me win my case just as he said he would and for that i am forever greatfull. Thanks Robert!!”A Satisfied Client

“I met attorney at law and former NYPD Captain throughout mutual friend and a family member, our mutual friend was a two-star the NYPD most influential and most important department known as “The Necessary Evil” he also is close friends with a close family member also retired Captain. From the NYPD ,they both highly recommended Capt.and Attorney at Law Robert Brown for his candor and for the way he handles all his cases As a true attorney should in a way he makes the case apart off him and he fights for you as he would do if he was fighting for his loved ones or for himself, giving the best chances to succeed, truly highly recommend Attorney at Law Robert Brown,you won’t only have a top super attorney bug also a man you could trust with your best interest!. “Ozzy D.

“I hired Robert Brown to represent me in the Criminal court, and everything went exceptionally well. He provided a free consultation where explained all possible outcomes and advised on the steps I might have to take for better chances to win. Being satisfied with his explanation, I decided to ask him to defend me. He had kept me informed on the progress, and represented me flawlessly in the courtroom. Eventually, after 10 months, my case was dismissed. I’m happy with the outcome, and can recommend Robert Brown as a criminal attorney.”Dmitry

“Mr. Brown was absolutely fantastic in helping me through the most difficult of times. He is very succinct, gets the job done fast and with skillful perfection. He came very highly recommended to me and I strongly recommend him.”A Satisfied Client

“I’ve got in trouble for the first time in my life. Didn’t know what to do and where to start. Mr. Brown and his team did an enormous job for me. He goes beyond and above of what it was expected of him. Easy to reach any time of day or night. Case got dismissed and record left clean as was my entire life. Do not hesitate to contact Mr. Brown office when you need it. Guarantee that they will do all possible to save you. Thanks a lot, Mr. Brown.”Vitali

“I had a commercial property that took a beating during Hurricane Sandy. It took Wells Fargo 3 years to settle. I felt it would of took longer If i didn’t have Robert Brown and his associate John Brancato in my corner. Very personable and great team to have working for you.”A Satisfied Client

“My wife and I would like to thank you for the courteous and professional service you and your staff gave us. You gave us sound advice during the process that protected our interests. We will recommend you to anyone who needs legal advice! Robert Brown helped save our house from foreclosure. He negotiated a short sale and my mortgage company agreed not to institute a deficiency judgement against me. We would also like to thank John Brancato who was in contact with us at all times and kept us apprised. He is extremely knowledgeable and made us feel at ease during this stressful time. Lastly, Anna was always a pleasure to speak to and always had our calls returned promptly. As a result we now have a fresh start. Thanks again to Robert Brown Law Firm!”Jim

“Mr. Brown helped us through a difficult situation, every step of the way. During a rough patch, he was able to help us feel better, while still being honest and realistic. We were dealing with a felony charge which he got reduced to a violation! He provided his guidance and knowledge through and through. Mr. Brown and his staff display a high level of professionalism, and are clear in letting you know that helping you is the priority, clearly demonstrated by their prompt attention to all emails and calls. The peace of mind Mr. Brown provided us with prior to the court appearance and the results he got, are more than we could have ever asked for! Thanks a million times over!”Tatiana C.

“Robert Brown Law Firm and his staff helped my family to keep our house on Staten Island and prevent foreclosure. We started working with them in 2010 and in 2015 our case was dismissed. His staff was very helpful with all issues we had. Special thanks to John Brancato who did a great job for our case and was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful with all the issues we had at that time. I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone seeking legal advice.”Maria G.

“Truly a compassionate man who is a great asset to Staten Island.”Tran C.

“Words cannot describe how great this guy truly is! He is truly amazing and knows exactly what he’s doing and surely a pro at it! I could not thank him enough, he always told me everything would be ok, that I would get through the whole process, but I never had the confidence in myself to believe that. Surely I got through it and everything was dismissed and sealed! Highly Recommended.”Anthony

Karlin C.

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