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Tough Times? Keep Your Home! | Foreclosure Attorney In Brooklyn, NY

New York, New York, it’s a big city of dreams as Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five rapped back in 1983, and if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere as Frank Sinatra told us in song. There’s been a lot written about New York in books and music, and New York is celebrated the world over for its culture, business, and diversity. And it’s big—New York City has more people than 40 of the 50 US states, according to data compiled by the NYC Department of City Planning.

With a city so big, so glamorous, so full of culture, that is a world class financial center packed with people, it stands to reason that there’s going to be a lot of competition. And while competition is good for the consumer, it can sometimes make it tough to survive as a business owner or worker seeking to stay on top of the ever-changing employment landscape. A challenging financial marketplace can lead to money problems and money problems can lead to foreclosures.

New Yorkers, like most other Americans across this great land, enjoy owning a home. The sense of accomplishment that comes with home ownership is immense, but owning a home is certainly a major responsibility that you must now maintain. When the financial markets get shaky, or you feel like there might be a series of upcoming layoffs at your company, it’s natural to get nervous. After all, you’ve probably worked for decades to get the home of your dreams and you don’t want a financial crisis to swoop in and take your home away.

When times are tough, and you’re feeling that financial anxiety, there are steps you can take to steer clear of financial ruin. One route you can take is government assistance. The US government offers a wide variety of free government programs that are designed to help American homeowners stop foreclosure. A Brooklyn, NY foreclosure attorney can help you. Let’s take a closer look at some of these options.

Government Program Overview

Information is a valuable tool for solving any problem. When we are armed with credible information about a problem we are better able to understand how to solve it. Foreclosure is no different, and getting good, accurate information is a critical first step. The many US government programs available to you can provide extensive information on procedures, processes, and resources, such as detailed FAQs, foreclosure alternatives, and more. You may want housing counseling to assist you with important communication between you and your lender, and government programs can help. In addition, some courts at the state level provide mediation programs that can help homeowners stay in the home they own, or negotiate and enact a sensible exit strategy should they desire to leave.

Federal Assistance

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides free foreclosure avoidance counseling. The HUD website will allow you to browse according to state so that you can access HUD-approved housing counseling agencies local to you. Additionally, the Making Home Affordable (MHA) program, which is part of the larger Homeowner and Affordability and Stability Plan that was enacted after the catastrophic sub-prime mortgage crisis, is a wide-ranging strategic plan designed to help homeowners stop foreclosure. Check with your Brooklyn, NY foreclosure attorney to find out what plan is right for you, and which plans are still active, because as is true with any government program, laws can change and programs can sunset.

State And Local Government Assistance

In addition to the many federal programs that you can explore with your foreclosure attorney in Brooklyn, NY, many state and local governments also offer select programs designed to help homeowners stop a foreclosure. In New York State we have a Foreclosure Relief Unit for homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure or perhaps are already in foreclosure. And, in true New York fashion, because New York always strives to be the best, we even have a Mobile Command Center that visits those communities within our boroughs that are impacted by foreclosure the most. When you begin looking for assistance, you’ll surely find a state or local program that can work for you. Talk to your foreclosure attorney in Brooklyn, NY and get informed, so you can take action!

Foreclosure Attorneys Can Help You Find Your Best Options And Execute A Plan!

Foreclosure is a word that most people don’t want to hear, unless they are a real estate investor who enjoys picking up properties and flipping them. To most of us, foreclosure is a word that changes lives, usually not for the better. Therefore, if you feel that a foreclosure could be in your future, don’t panic, but do call us. Time is certainly of the essence and it’s important to take aggressive action right away in order to avoid foreclosure if at all possible. An experienced, skilled foreclosure attorney in Brooklyn, NY can help you make sense of it all, can help you to understand all the complex laws that apply to your situation, and can draft a comprehensive plan to fight your foreclosure and hopefully keep you in your home, or help you exit on terms that are favorable to you. Sometimes it is best to leave, sometimes you need to fight to stay, but whatever you want to do, we’ll advise you and put a legal plan in action to help you achieve your goals.

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