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Your Life Can Change In An Instant

It only takes one quick, bad decision, a momentary lapse of reason, an error in judgment, to find yourself in trouble, and your life can change in an instant. When we think of ‘criminals’ we don’t often think of your next-door neighbor, Jim, who is always friendly, helps out in the community, and even bakes holiday cookies for the whole neighborhood every year. Jim is a wonderful guy, we say. But the fact of the matter is, yes, even Jim can make a mistake. Jim, after all, is human, and humans sometimes make bad decisions.

Like Jim, most everyone has had times in their lives when they have made bad decisions, decisions that can sometimes land you in jail overnight—or longer, such as having one too many at the bar and driving home (DWI), or buying an illegal substance (drug possession), enjoying a nice night view that happens to be on private property (trespassing), or letting emotions take over and getting in a fight (assault/battery). Good people push the boundaries at times, and once in a while they just outright make bad decisions. Of course, these are just misdemeanors for the most part and while there is a long list of them, there is also a long list of felony crimes as well, and either can change your life in an instant if you’re charged, and most certainly if you are convicted.

Our philosophy is that one mistake shouldn’t haunt you for the rest of your days. You shouldn’t be forced to wander the earth in chains as penance for your transgression like Dickens’s Jacob Marley. Many times people are falsely accused. Sometimes they are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. And sometimes they are guilty of the crime. But even if they are guilty, they should get fair treatment and representation. And an otherwise exemplary life should be taken into account by the court when judgment is handed down. Whatever your situation, when you’re charged or arrested, you need a Staten Island criminal defense attorney, and you need one fast.

Considering the stakes, there really is no time to waste. Prosecutors are hungry to get convictions and boost their stats because putting big conviction numbers on the board often leads to promotions and more money for them. We take pride in stunting prosecutors’ career aspirations, in other words, we win cases. As a top Staten Island criminal defense attorney, we consistently beat convictions in court, consistently win acquittals, and can sometimes even get cases thrown out of court (or dismissed before they even begin). We represent Staten Island and all points NY, and as proud New Yorkers we don’t play, and we don’t have any interest in winning a second-place trophy. We come to win. We prepare to win. And as your Staten Island criminal defense attorney we will build your defense and stay multiple steps ahead of the prosecution so we can win—for you.

Criminal Defense Attorneys In Staten Island Providing You With The Strongest Criminal Representation In The State Of New York

The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert E. Brown, P.C. have represented companies and individuals involved in investigations conducted by numerous law enforcement entities, including U.S. Attorney’s Offices around the country, the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the New York State Police, the New York City Police Department, and the Nassau County Police Department. Robert E. Brown, P.C. has also represented individuals in administrative investigations by the New York City Police Department, the New York State Department of Labor, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, and the New York Stock Exchange’s self-regulatory body. In addition, he has conducted internal investigations for companies confronting potential misconduct by officers and employees.

In complex criminal defense cases, Attorney Brown’s goal is to help clients avoid indictment by demonstrating, through internal investigations and advocacy before the investigating entity, that no criminal conduct has occurred.

The firm defends individuals accused of all types of violations, including misdemeanor and felony offenses in Staten Island and other New York State courts. The firm’s resources are available throughout the day and night in order to accommodate the unique needs of its clients.

The following are just a few examples of the types of cases handled by the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert E. Brown, P.C.:

  • Homicide And Murder – While many people assume that there is no legal differentiation between homicide and murder, the former can include accidental killings, such as by way of intoxicated or reckless driving, while the latter is defined as the intentional killing of another person. Despite the difference between these two charges, the penalties for both can include life imprisonment. There are many defenses to these charges, and the right attorney will be able to formulate the best one on the basis of the facts specific to your circumstance. Don’t risk losing the life you’ve built in Staten Island; let a criminal defense attorney protect it for you.
  • Extortion – Extortion is defined as the act of threatening another person with force or violence in exchange for goods, money, or services. In New York, crimes of extortion are typically categorized as crimes of coercion, of which there are first and second-degree charges. Second-degree coercion is a Class A misdemeanor and first-degree coercion is a Class D felony, and while the penalties can be significantly more severe for the latter given that it’s a felony, the differentiation between the two charges can be subtle and difficult to identify. This is where the knowledge and resources of an experienced criminal defense attorney will benefit you most and give you the best chances of walking away with the least serious charge and the mildest penalties.
  • Robbery – Robbery differs from burglary and shoplifting in that it includes some element of violence—whether by the use or presence of a weapon, a verbal threat of violence, or physical force. Depending on the type of violence associated with a charge of robbery, a person who has been charged with this crime could be facing a violent or non-violent felony. To differentiate between the three degrees of robbery defined by New York law, understand the penalties associated with each, and identify which applies to your situation, scheduling a consultation with a criminal defense attorney is absolutely necessary.
  • Internet Crimes – Given the increasingly ubiquitous nature of technology these days, internet crimes involving hacking, identity theft, credit card fraud, and phishing are on the rise. In this changing landscape, false accusations of illegal cyber activity are not at all uncommon, with law enforcement agents often coming to quick conclusions and failing to consider all possible suspects before filing charges. Don’t let yourself be the victim of an inadequate investigation by law enforcement; if you suspect you’re being investigated for an internet crime, the wisest decision would be to preempt law enforcement’s investigation with a defensive investigation led by a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Staten Island.
  • Assault – In order for a prosecutor’s case of alleged assault to be viable, several components must be demonstrated. Depending on the circumstances, an assault could be treated as a misdemeanor or a felony—a distinction which could ultimately cost you your reputation, job, and time with those you love. The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert E. Brown in New York will sit down with you, hear your side of the story, review the evidence and select the items which best support your defense, and give you the best chances of avoiding serious penalties or having your case dismissed entirely—leaving you to pick up right where your life in Staten Island left off.

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